Recognised experts in these fields have been selected as plenary speakers and are currently being contacted. The overall theme “Science for Sustainable Nutrition” will be addressed in six sessions covering a wide range of provisional topics:
1. Optimizing resource utilisation for future feeds
2. Dynamics of digestion and absorption
3. Functionality of the intestinal microbiome
4. Role of the gut in whole body functioning and health
5. Models and methodologies

Preliminary Program Schedule

Tuesday June 8th Wednesday June 9th Thursday June 10th Friday June 11th
Morning Satellite symposia (option) Opening and plenary session Plenary session Plenary session
Afternoon Satellite symposia


Poster session Poster session Lunch and closing
Welcome reception Plenary session Plenary session
Evening Informal dinner Conference dinner


Industry partners and academic consortia can present their latest research developments during the satellite symposia, organized on Tuesday June 8th, preceding the DPP2021 congress. The satellite symposia will take place in the conference centre as a joint effort between the organisations or companies hosting the satellites and the DPP2021 organising committee. Industry partners and academic consortia will be invited to express their interest in organising a satellite symposium through a call on the DPP2021 website. The DPP2021 organising Committee will review the proposals and programme of each satellite, and decide on a maximum of four satellites to be organised.


In addition to the technical program there will be social activities that will encourage and foster networking opportunities.

Tuesday June 8th
On Tuesday evening June 8th, you are invited to join the welcome reception opening of the 15th International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs (DPP2021).
Location: tbc

Wednesday June 9th
An informal dinner will be organised for all participants on Wednesday evening.
Location: tbc
Price: : tbc

Thursday June 10th
On the last evening of the symposium a gala dinner will be organised.
Location: tbc
Price: : tbc

More information will follow in due course.